With a broad range of quality welding and cutting products and technically proficient staff, we have always stayed true to our principle of giving our clients the best possible welding solution.

A Philosophy of Continual Improvement

Many companies find a solution that helps their customers and just keep selling it over the years. We know that even when you find a good solution there is always a better one somewhere on the horizon.

This is why we are continuously reviewing the way in which we service our customers, our internal processes and, most importantly, the range of product we supply to our customers. We ensure we are always at the cutting edge of technology, procuring a range of welding and cutting products that provides the best and latest fabrication solution for our customers.

Dedicated to Providing High Quality Products

We import and distribute a broad range of welding equipment and consumables from the USA, Europe and Asia and place great emphasis on providing high quality products.

We understand the value that our customers place on using machinery and consumables that do the job reliably, efficiently and consistently, every time.

Focus on Product Support

Brand Weld recognises that our customers require more than just products. The technical information, technical backup and product support is what ensures customer retention. A range of product brochures has been compiled with the relevant technical information to enable easy and correct product choice. Technically competent staff are available to field technical queries. A broad range of spares are stocked to back up product in the field.


Products are distributed throughout Sub Saharan Africa from our warehouse in Johannesburg and through our warehouses in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Durban. Products can also be sourced through our extensive nationwide distributor network of over 100 distributors.

Brand Weld has the people, the products and the technical support for your business. Brand Weld is your welding and cutting specialist.