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Plasma Cutting Torches & Spares

//Plasma Cutting Torches & Spares
The Hypertherm range of Duramax torches includes torches for handheld and mechanized cutting and gouging as well as robotic cutting. Handheld torches are available in 75 and 15 degree angled heads. Machine torches are available in 180-degree full length and mini torch versions. Robotic torches are available in 45, 90 and 180-degree head versions. Consumable parts are available for hand cutting, mechanized cutting, gouging, fine cutting and difficult access applications.

The Taurus range of plasma cutting torches cover a range of torches and spare parts for use on most of the popular torches currently used in the local market. The models covered include the S45, A81, A101, A141, A151, PT31, PT60, PT100, P90, Panasonic, EL120 and the Maximiser 300.