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MIG Consumables

Taurus manual inert gas (MIG) welding consumables include 70S-6 wires for the welding of low carbon steels, ER100S-G for the welding of high tensile steels, 307Si, 308LSi, 309LSi, 316LSi stainless steel wires for the welding of materials containing Cr, CrNi and for welding of dissimilar steels, aluminium wires 4043 and 5356 for different aluminium welding applications as well as copper based MIG wires such as silicon bronze ERCuSi-A for the welding of a wide range of copper alloys.

Oerlikon MIG consumables include wires for standard welding applications as well as for more specialised welding such as the welding of stainless steels, duplex stainless steels, identical/similar heat-resistant steels/cast steels, high corrosion-resistance materials, creep resistant steels, high recovery structural steel applications, pipe lines, hard-facing applications, reliable, crack free welds which are ageing resistant and retain toughness in extremely cold environments with welds of X-ray quality.