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MMA Welders

Strike Master MMA inverter welders are available in 220V/single phase as well as in 380V/three phase. Three standard inverter welder models are available in 220V/single phase, namely the Inverter MMA-161, MMA-181 and the MMA-201. A range of MMA inverters fitted with voltage reduction devices (VRD) devices is available for enhanced welder safety, namely the Inverter MMA-201VRD/251VRD/401VRD and the MMA-501VRD.

The Flama range of MMA welders covers both 220V/single phase and 380V/three phase machines. These machines have higher duty cycles and the various models are fitted as standard with many additional features such as “Hot Start”, “Arc Force” and “Anti-sticking” for easier welding. The machines are fitted with temperature, voltage and current protection for high protection. Digital meters allow for welding current display. The machines are extremely low weight and versatile and are designed to work with diesel generators and to avoid failures due to voltage spikes. Certain machines have built in voltage reduction device (VRD) for enhanced welder safety. Some of the models have phase loss protection (PLP) and are also designed to weld with cellulosic electrodes.