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TIG Welders

The Strike Master TIG/MMA-201D is a 220V/single phase welder fitted with a voltage reduction device (VRD) as well as high frequency (HF) for the DC welding of carbon and stainless steels.

The Flama range of TIG welding machines covers both 220V/single phase and 380V/three phase machines. The welders have AC/DC technology and high frequency (HF) ignition for easy arc striking. The welding machines have wireless remote foot controls. These high duty cycle machines are equipped with temperature, voltage and current sensors for high protection. The machines are generator friendly and have AC balance control (50-85%) which monitors the oxide and helps improve cleaning during aluminium welding. The TIG welding machines have pulsing facilities for enhanced arc control. Multi-waveform AC output including square wave, sine wave and triangular wave are available on some of the models.